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Scumline Crazy Prawn

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Scumline Crazy Prawns have been designed here in the North Coast of NSW by Scumline Fishing Tackle, especially for surface Bream, Whiting and Bass fishing, This is the most life like Prawn surface lure on the market, coming with 2 stainless rings, 2 VMC hooks and an internal rattle with a balanced body, these lure have been the number 1 even with our prototypes.

Coming in 80mm size, this is the average Prawn size seen skitting away from hungry Bream, they come with a light weighted ball that replicates the clicking of the tail every time the lure is moved.

The Crazy Prawn also has the tow point at the tail of the Prawn making it unique to any lure on the market, you don't see a prawn skipping along the surface forwards do you!
Weight- 6g
Length- 80mm
Hooks- 2 VMC trebles

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